What is scarification and why do it?

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If your lawn is very spongy to walk on, has dead thatched grass, browns off quickly when dry, then it may need scarifying. This layer of dead thatch can inhibit water and air penetrating to the soil which can encourage insect infestations and lawn disease.

Removing this dead thatched grass eliminates the spongy effect and lets air into the lawn. The process is quite labour intensive, the lawn should be mowed as usual, then scarified, the debris raked up and removed, then mowed again on a high setting just to suck up the remaining debris. 

The lawn should then need to be fertilised along with re-seeding if necessary.

The best time to scarify is early spring & late summer when the grass growth rate is good, as the recovery time is shorter.

If you suspect your lawn needs a spring de-thatch, give us a call on 0800 454 654.

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