If your lawn is very spongy to walk on, has dead thatched grass, browns off quickly when dry, then it may need scarifying. This layer of dead thatch can inhibit water and air penetrating to the soil which can encourage insect infestations and lawn disease. Removing this dead thatched grass eliminates the spongy effect and lets […]

  Growing herbs in your property offers plenty of benefits. If they are portable, you can easily find their preferred shade and sun locations. Also, you can conveniently keep them in the kitchen for cooking. Most importantly, herbs are excellent edible works of art. Herb gardening in unique ways allows homeowners to easily grow their […]

Caring for your pot plants can seem like guesswork if you don’t understand your plants. You would be surprised by how many pot plants have perished due to guesswork, lack of water, drowning, excess sunlight, too little sunlight and the wrong type of plant food and whether you over or under feed them. There is […]

Simple and Practical Crop Rotation Crop rotation is extremely beneficial for not only your crops, but also to aid in building and maintaining healthy soil, to minimise pests and diseases, reduce chemical use, and manage nutrient requirements – all which will maximise your harvest. The ideologies of crop rotation have been successfully used for thousands […]

New gardening techniques, tips, products, tools, and equipment are introduced on a regular basis. Although many of these have been proven to be effective, you can be sure that you will have a healthy, lush lawn by knowing and applying the basic yet most helpful gardening tips and tricks. Here are five simple and effective […]

Caring for Roses – Jim’s Mowing  – 0800 454 654 or book online! Instructions Winter is the best time to plant roses and is also the correct time to prune, mulch and spray but they also do just fine when planted in spring. Planting If you plant your rose bushes right, it will be a lot easier to […]

Moss in a lawn is an indication that the turf is not growing well. It is important to consider that moss does not kill the grass; it simply creates unfavourable growing conditions such as shade, poor drainage, poor fertility or compacted soil.  These conditions, not the moss, ultimately cause the grass to die out.  If […]

How-tos : Fertilisation for Established Plants Established plants can benefit from fertilization. Take a visual inventory of your landscape. Trees need to be fertilised every few years. Shrubs and other plants in the landscape can be fertilised yearly. A soil test can determine existing nutrient levels in the soil. If one or more nutrients is […]

Need help determining what mulch to use? Here are some Mulch Facts that should help you make a decision. Feeding the soil well is one of the most crucial ways to grow a beautiful, healthy garden. Among the most important ingredients that gardeners must use to make their garden soil and plants healthy is mulch. […]

Want the Best Mulch For Your Garden? Call Jim’s Mowing on %%PHONE_NUMBER%% or Book Online now! Once you have planted a garden, it’s a must to keep the plants and soil healthy and protected perhaps with a layer of straw or other mulch. Mulch, if properly selected and correctly applied, provides many benefits. It promotes […]

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