Raised Garden Bed Ideas

We’ve put together our favourite raised garden bed ideas, and how to get the most out of them.

Whether you’re a dab-hand at gardening or just getting started, a raised garden bed could be the perfect addition to your yard. Homeowners love these as a way to brighten up their yard with an aesthetically pleasing result, and renters value them for their lease-friendly appeal. These modern yard additions have taken the gardening world by storm thanks to their aesthetic appeal, accessibility, and all-round low-maintenance nature.

What is a raised garden bed?

If you’re only beginning your gardening journey, then now’s the perfect time to consider all of your options before digging in. A planting garden bed is a grow-patch that sits above ground level, at a height and depth that is comfortable for you to tend to, and provides enough space for your plants’ roots to grow. They’re boxed in, and can be made from a range of materials like timber, corrugated iron, stone, or brick. If DIY isn’t your thing, that’s ok, as raised garden beds are commonly stocked in many hardware stores. They’re generally just over one metre in width, so that the majority of people can reach all parts of the bed from one angle or the other. This means that you won’t have to worry about stepping on plants or compressing soil when tending to your garden.

Why choose a raised garden bed?

Thanks to their self-contained nature, raised garden beds are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to in-ground gardening, as they’re easier to keep neat and tidy, without unwanted spreading or growth. They’re also becoming more and more popular on account of their accessibility. Gone are the days of straining your back to pull out some weeds; especially with higher boxes, the need to bend or put pressure on your knees is significantly reduced.

If soil quality, water retention, or draining is a concern in your yard, then a raised garden bed is a great way to grow your garden with the right conditions. You control the soil, and can add in whatever your plants need to thrive- be it fertiliser, manure, mulch, or anything else.

How to get set up

The first thing to decide is whether or not you want your raised garden bed to be completely independent of your garden soil. If so, you’ll need to prepare the bed with a generous layer of newspaper or cardboard lining, followed by weed matting, and then soil on top. The deeper the bed, the more space your plants will have to spread their roots, and the better drainage and aeration the bed will have. This is a great temporary solution to gardening. If you’re happy to commit to this new era for your yard, then you can forgo the lining, setting the frame up on your existing bed, and adding more soil and mulch on top. In this case, your plants’ roots will have plenty of space to spread right into the ground. Once you’ve got a good blend of soil, your raised garden bed will be ready to sow!

Starting out

Setting up your raised garden bed is the hardest part, now that that’s done, it’s on to the fun part! Since your planter is raised and self-contained, it will be easier to keep weed and pest-free, giving your plants the best chance to flourish. Proper maintenance is the key to success with any gardening project, and your raised garden bed is no different. Most of the groundwork will be laid in the setting up phase, so be sure to choose high quality mulch to support your planting, and keep an eye out for any pesky slugs or insects that try to make their way to your plants.

The perfect plants

When it comes to what to plant, you’ve got your pick of the crop. From bright summer flowers and sprightly spring picks to earthy autumn plants, and even winter vegetables for a hearty meal when the weather cools down, our gardening guides have you covered. You could even start your own herb garden with additions like chives, mint, parsley, or whatever takes your fancy.

For green gardeners, the proper equipment is just as important a part of gardening as the rest, and you’ll see first hand just how much easier everything is with the right tools. Never underestimate the power of good gloves, rakes, and shears, and how they can make the entire experience so much more enjoyable for you, as well as for your new plants. If you’re stuck in the aisles and not sure what to buy, take a look at our favourite beginner gardening tools for inspiration.

Have fun

Now that you’ve got some raised garden bed ideas and know how to help your favourite plants thrive, it’s over to you! Whatever you choose to grow, with the proper care and TLC, your raised garden bed will be no doubt the perfect home for seedlings, and a beautiful addition to your yard.

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