Buying a lawn mowing business


Buying a business is a significant decision. It could be the start of a career that changes your life. It’s important to think things through carefully.

Please, take time to carefully consider whether a Jim’s Mowing business is right for you and to:

A Jim’s business is not for everyone

We’ll provide you a list of Jim’s Franchisees you can call and talk to. We do not promise you’ll get rich fast. On the contrary, this is a real business that requires real work. It can be physical. You’re out in the sunshine, and sometimes the wind and rain. It requires attention to detail.

But if you put in the effort, the rewards can be outstanding. The average Jim’s Franchisee in NZ has gross earnings of $115,000 and the best ones earn much more.

You’re learning all the time, and you’re always meeting new people. Every day is different and has its own challenges. But it’s a privilege. Ask any Jim’s Franchisee, they’ll be absolutely straight with you. They’ll tell you the good and the bad while you’re analysing the Jim’s business, you can be sure they will be analysing you too.

We’ll also assess your suitability

You see, Jim’s Franchisees are fiercely protective of the Jim’s brand, they only want the best to join the Jim’s family, people who are prepared to work together to make Jim’s even better. So as much as you need to assess the Jim’s opportunity, we need to assess you.

If we don’t think you’ll be a great success as a Jim’s Franchisee, we won’t let you join. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch and we‘re not going to let that happen. But we also want the best for you. We want you to find the right opportunity, something that will lead you and your family to your dreams. If that’s a Jim’s business, then we would be delighted to help you on that journey. If it’s some other opportunity, then we will wish you well.

Success is not guaranteed

While your success is not guaranteed, you will be part of the largest mowing franchise in the world, where the best people join together to find the success they are looking for.

How do you really feel about owning a service based business? Are you prepared to put clients first, offer exceptional service, have attention to detail and take pride in your work?

Please consider these things and phone us on 0800 454 654 when you are ready to know more.

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If you are wanting to make a positive (and healthy) lifestyle change where you can earn a great income and enjoy working with delightful clients then look into the Jims Lawn mowing business opportunity. It’s working very well for me.

Matthew Spence, Kerikeri

The support level of both the Franchisor & the other franchisees makes running your business so much easier. I come from an IT / computer background and found this support vital to getting me started. We have ongoing training & monthly meetings that I found to be a crucial tool in making my business a success.

Paul Sims, Waiake

Most importantly there is training and contact with other franchisees which gives you fresh ideas and motivation to build your business to the level of income that you want, while working the hours that suit you and gaining the satisfaction of working for yourself.

Brent Johnston, Waikato