Key Components That Affect The Cost Of New Gutter Installation

Before and After Being Cleaned

Most property owners do not exactly understand the important role that gutters play in their home. Without this feature, your roof (and home) won’t be fully protected from all kinds of damage that can come with rain and snow. And in addition, gutters can add to the overall appeal of your house.

Unfortunately, not many homeowners pay attention to their gutters. Once they are installed, they completely forget about this feature. They simply leave these alone even when they are old, sagging, discoloured and have holes. Of course, they won’t function properly when they are not regularly cleaned and maintained. When they are discoloured and look so old and worn, they will significantly detract from a house’s appeal and beauty.

Gutter Replacement

If you’re looking to replace your old gutters with new ones, to best prepare for this project, you need to know the cost that will come with this undertaking. So what goes into the total cost of a new gutter system installation? These are the key elements:

  1. The gutter system’s material. Most gutters today are made of vinyl or PVC, aluminium or Zincalume guttering, galvanised steel, and Colorbond. In general, these materials are durable, long-lasting, and affordable. When choosing which material is best for your home, consider your house’s roofing material. And to get the most out of your investment for your new gutters, make sure the system or product you choose complies with the appropriate Australian Standard and Building Code.
  2. The width of the gutters. The gutter installation company may offer you various gutter widths (usually between .127 and .152 metres). Bear in mind that the wider the gutters and the bigger your roof is, the more expensive they will be simply because more materials will be used for the project.
  3. Your choice of downspouts. Downspouts collect the water from the roof and lead them away from the gutters. They work hand in hand with gutters. The size and number of downspouts will affect the total cost of new gutter installation. Just like with the gutters, the more material used for downspout, the higher the price. If you also choose to invest in other accessories or features such as rain chains or funnels, the cost for the whole job will increase as well.
  4. Fastening system to be used during installation. Most gutter installation contractors use a fastening system that usually consists of spikes or hangers. You have to take note of the materials the installation crew will use. The best quality fastening systems will prevent water infiltration caused by clogs when the top of the gutter is closed. They also serve both installation and protection purposes since they can effectively reduce gutter maintenance.

The quality of your new gutter system and its installation process will have a big impact on its durability, longevity, and overall appeal. As such, with this kind of home improvement project, you will get what you pay for. If you want the best system, be prepared for the cost that comes with it.