Removing Rubbish from Your Life

Appropriate disposal of miscellaneous rubbish can be a discouraging and exasperating chore and is undoubtedly a big concern given that it includes following your local laws and rubbish-removal-10regulations.

However, removing the rubbish from your home and life has many benefits, such as; having pride in your home and inviting friends and family over for social gatherings, as well as, eliminating the chances of rodents, snakes, spiders and other nasty pests moving in and creating a hazardous environment for yourself, your children and your pets.

There are now several ways to quickly and easily get rid of your unwanted rubbish without having to stress about the legal consequences that it can bring if not done correctly.

  1. Sort through the rubbish

Essentially, these are unwanted solid items that are too bulky to be thrown away in the bin and require specific disposal procedures, such as, mattresses, white goods (washing machines, fridges, gas stoves and air conditioners). Other items that are considered as hard rubbish include furniture, electronic waste (PCs, smartphones, cameras, smartwatch), bikes, toys, lawn mowers, blinds and even some garden waste such as fallen branches.

  1. Donate items that may still be useful

First, identify and separate anything that is broken and/or unusable. Whatever is left, assuming it is in a decent condition, can be donated to charities, such as St Vincent De Paul or the Red Cross Salvation Army. Or you could simply try searching online to see if there is any organisation that would be willing to receive your unwanted items, for example; Ebay, Gumtree and Buy, Swap & Sell pages on Facebook. Doing it this way, not only helps yourself but others too. It will also assist in keeping the environment free from accumulating rubbish.

  1. Contact Jim’s Rubbish Removal for a Free Quote

The best thing about contacting a professional rubbish removal service is that you can be assured that the job will be done at the date and time that you specified. No waiting for days, weeks or even months! It also eradicates the risk of carrying hefty objects by yourself which can pose some serious health threats.

Disposing of the clutter in your life will be extremely satisfying and rewarding, just call on 0800 454 654 or book online for your free, no obligation quote.