How To Prepare Your Gutters For Autumn

Most gutter-related issues and types of damage occur during autumn and winter. As such, autumn is the best season for you to get ahead of your gutter maintenance.

To prepare and protect your gutters from the detrimental effects of autumn, here are some steps and tips to follow:

Clean your gutters.

To have an effective water drainage system on your home, make sure your gutters remain clear throughout autumn. Debris such as fallen leaves, seeds, and dust can accumulate on your gutters and block the guttering system. This, in turn, will prevent the rainwater from flowing freely.

In addition, by making sure your gutters are clean, you effectively decrease the chances of mould growth and pest infestations. If you want to do this chore, make sure you observe important safety cleaning precautions. You can also make sure you thoroughly clean your gutters by flushing it using a garden hose after removing all the debris and gunk. This is also a good way for you spot leaks on your gutters.

Conduct an inspection and repairs, where needed.

While cleaning the gutters, check for leaks, loose brackets and screws, uneven sections, and any form of excessive wear and tear. If there are loose brackets and screws, buy new ones, replace the old ones, and secure them where needed. If you discovered leaks, determine if it is possible to patch them. If yes, apply plastic roofing cement over the holes. If the holes are too big, apply a strip of aluminium flashing to the area and seal the edges with cement.

Invest in a gutter guard.

If you want to make sure that leaves and debris don’t accumulate on your gutter, and to save yourself the effort of regularly cleaning it, consider investing in a gutter guard system. This completely seals open gutters to reduce or prevent the autumn debris build-up on your roof which can cause permanent damage. With the right gutter guard screening system, debris can just slide or blow off the roof; in most cases, you will have a maintenance-free gutter.

Protect your gutter from pests.

Finally, aside from falling leaves and rainfall, autumn is also the time that pushes pests to start invading roofs and gutters. Rodents and birds are the number one culprits. Residents in NSW, for instance, constantly wage war against sparrows since they love nesting in gutters, causing this system to become blocked. You can avoid this problem by using a humane pest repellent product. Alternatively, if you decide to invest in a gutter guard, choose one that can effectively keep out both creeping and flying vermin, too.

There is nothing easy about preparing your gutter for the autumn season. If this appears to be too much work for you, then you can certainly consider getting help from professional contractors.

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